The University of San Diego's faculty is renowned across the academic world for their work in industry and their excellence in research. For our students in India, we have chosen Indian faculty who have been hired to the same standards as our faculty on campus in Southern California. All of our faculty members have extensive experience working in the areas they teach in as well as a passion for online education. By learning from Indian faculty, you'll benefit from the globally relevant curriculum while gaining local expertise in your chosen field. Indian faculty make it possible to:

  • Get deeper insight into localized curriculum topics for India.
  • Learn what it is like working in the domestic industry and how to gain a competitive edge for jobs in India and abroad.
  • Participate in weekly Live Sessions with faculty and peers in IST.
  • Avoid issues with language or cultural barriers that may traditionally appear when studying abroad. 

Check this page later this year to meet some of the faculty members joining us to lead USD Online in India's postgraduate courses. 


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