Digital transformation trends for international companies

Thursday, January 11, 2024


The use of artificial intelligence to optimize processes and increase the quality of customer service, cybersecurity measures, cloud computing and the use of first party data are some of the activities that are expected to be seen in companies in 2024.

Companies and society as a whole are constantly going through digital transformation to incorporate new technologies to make our lives easier and safer. In order to be successful, companies need to rise to the occasion and welcome new trends as part of a cultural change within the organization and beyond. 

We’ll outline key changes needed for a successful digital transformation in today’s tech-driven world and how this can lead to innovation, optimization, improve competitiveness, provide a better customer experience, and therefore increase profit. 

As the path to digital transformation is full of challenges, leaders must have the relevant skills and adaptability to take advantage of the opportunities and technologies that arise. Those with skills in artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security engineering and cyber security leadership are sure to have a leg up in understanding what it takes to help companies adapt to the changing tide.

Over the next year, we can expect the following: 

1. Increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
AI has diverse capabilities that are already being used in all types of industries. In the business world, AI is used to streamline lengthy writing and planning processes, manage finances, interpret data and more. As further AI tools are developed, we can expect to see: 
  • More precise trading strategies in finance. 
  • Advanced robotic systems and automation solutions capable of performing repetitive tasks faster. 
  • Better security strategies and innovations to protect data and entire systems. 
  • User behavior monitoring and pattern recognition through data analysis. 
  • Better technologies to predict market trends. 
Today, Artificial Intelligence allows companies to automate processes and personalize the customer experience, improving efficiency and quality of service. We can see AI in action in advanced data analysis, machine learning, virtual reality, computer vision, and website Chatbots. 

2. No more cookies on websites 
Cookies have long been the basis for digital advertising. However, it seems as though the “cookies” that web pages “give us” will no longer be necessary. The aim is to develop business models that are more transparent to users in which the retrieval of information is not based on cookies. The digital innovation here is expected to be first party data. This is where companies collect data from their own sources such as the business website, social networks or from a CRM. 

3. Increase in cloud computing 
Working in the cloud represents greater innovation and automation, more security, reliability, flexibility and profitability in business. With cloud computing, companies are able to accelerate their digital transformation process, increase their productivity and reduce costs, since they have access to a secure platform, with scalability, low maintenance and large data storage capacity. The most attractive characteristic of working on cloud platforms is that large investments are not required to start a digital transformation process. 

4. Greater interest and implementation of cyber security measures 
Cyberattacks in India and throughout the world do not seem to be decreasing, therefore, companies and users are increasingly aware of the risks to which they are exposed in a digital context. As for businesses looking to keep up with digital trends, IT Security measures have been a high priority issue for a few years and will continue to be a fundamental aspect within any strategy. The practices that are expected to be seen in companies include training on cyber security issues for all employees, training users to become aware of the risks of cyberspaces, and the implementation of new security policies. 

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